Our Ministries

The Council of Ministries

– The Council of Ministries is comprised of all presidents of First Baptist Church ministries.  The Council meets on a quarterly basis to ensure the various ministries are informed of the mission and priorities of the church.  These include the church calendar, Pastoral concerns and administrative issues.


The Deacons are leaders of the church.  They support the Pastor and his vision.  They offer the Lord’s Supper to the congregation.  They are also responsible for male baptismal candidates on the day of their baptism.  Deacons also care for the members of the congregation. These men are servants of the church.


Deaconesses are responsible for preparing the Lord’s Supper.  They are also responsible for female baptismal candidates on the day of their baptism.  Deaconesses support the Pastor and assist the Deacons with the care of the members of the church.


State laws relating to religious corporations as a rule, require that there be a specific body, which holds legal title to the property of the church and is responsible for its financial affairs.

Angels of Praise Dance Ministry

Worshipping and magnifying the Lord through interpretive dance.

  • Angels I :: Ages 17 to Adult
  • Angels II :: Children ages 6 to 11
  • Angels III :: Children ages 12 to 16

Men’s Ministry

The Men’s Ministry prepares men spiritually to be leaders in their homes, church and community through Bible study, training, worship, fellowship and service.

Bulletin Board Resource Ministry

Displays information about First Baptist Church inside and outside our church building for all who come into the church.  Bulletin board displays are also created at several nursing homes.

Board of Christian Education

Ministry for continuing Christian education. Short-term classes are available on a variety of subjects.

Courtesy Ministry

Welcomes visitors and church family to worship.

Crown Financial Ministry

Crown Financial Ministries is an Interdenominational Ministry that uses a remarkably effective Small Group Bible Study to train adults to practically apply the financial principles from God’s Word.

Deaf Ministry

Reaching souls through American Sign Language (ASL). Interpreters are provided for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.

Fueling and Clothing Ministry

This ministry provides food, clothing and comfort to those in need.  They provide spiritual and emotional support.

Lafiya Wellness Ministry

A holistic ministry of body, mind and spirit. We aim to educate and empower our church family to take responsibility for personal health and well being with optimal mental, physical and spiritual health.  Open to all members including medical professionals of all disciplines.

Media Ministry

Provides services related to the audio, visual, print, photography and telecommunications for our church family events.

Music Ministry

First Baptist Music Department consists of seven choirs; two of which are signing choirs.

  • Children’s Choir

    Children ages 3-11 years old – These energized and exciting children sing songs of praise in various styles of music.

  • Faith Choir

    The youth of our church family sing various styles of music that include traditional gospel and contemporary.

  • Male Chorus

    Men of First Baptist leading our church family in worship service.  The chorus is a unique blend of young and seasoned voices lifting the name of Jesus.

  • Ministers of Music

    All of the choirs assembled to lead the congregation into the presence of God through song.

  • Praise Team

    They are to create an environment that will help lead the congregation into worship.

  • Signing Angels

    Children ages 4 to 16 years – Children signing joyfully to the Lord as their little hands speak God’s Word.

  • Vision Signing Choir

    Ages 17 to Adult – Signing praises to the Lord through sign language.


New Members Ministry

The purpose of the New Members Ministry is to help every new convert or member know the seriousness and sacredness of his or her commitment.  The Ministry will work to bring new members face to face with the real meaning of church membership.  The New Members Ministry is obligated to make sure every new member is consecrated, trained and enlisted in active service for the Lord.

Pastor’s Prayer Partners

This Ministry is responsible for providing love, encouragement, prayer and support for the Pastor and his family.

Prayer Warriors

Spiritual Prayer Warriors are responsible for praying for all people, the church and the community.

Priscilla Young Missionary Ministry

The Missionary body consists of seven study groups and the Granny Ministry.  As Disciples of Christ, each of us has been given specific Gifts of the Holy Spirit to do ministry as our obligation to edify the body of Christ.  The Missionaries are both an Inreach and Outreach Ministry.  The missionaries support the Pastor and church family through prayer, worship, Bible study and leadership development. Missionaries are effective communicators of God’s word to all whom they serve, regardless of age, cultural background, gender or linguistic heritage.

Prison Ministry

We as servants of God spread the message of salvation through Jesus Christ to persons incarcerated and Christian fellowship to the prisoners and their familes.  We provide ministry, Bible study and prayer.

Seniors and Grandparents Ministry

Members and friends regularly meet for Bible study and fellowship.  They participate in fieldtrips/outings, visit nursing homes and provide spiritual support to seniors; they also make lap quilts for the seniors.

Singles Ministry

To bring together Christian singles to learn and teach the things that God has for single Christians.

Sunday School

Bible instruction in classes for all ages.  Seeking to reach the unsaved and develop those who are saved. The vision is to teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all.

Transportation Ministry

Provides courtesy transportation to our Sunday School and morning Worship Services

Usher Ministry

  • Junior Ushers – children 7-18 years of age – Training ground for the Senior Usher Board.
  • Senior Ushers – Ushers are the doorkeepers in the house of the Lord.  Ushers assist with the orderly conduct of our worship services by greeting and seating worshippers.

Youth Ministry

The mission of this Ministry is to teach our children the Gospel of Jesus Christ.